Business Essential Bootcamp

We are proud to announce our 2nd annual Business Essential Bootcamp, which is designed to prepare non-MBA graduate and professional students for business-related careers.  This intensive 2-week program covers core business areas taught in the first year of business school.  Specifically, we will teach Marketing, Finance (& Case Study), Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Business Development, and Final Group Case Study.  The courses will be led by professors at the Yale School of Management, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, and current Yale MBA students.  Our program will provide students with the opportunity to embrace a business mindset and engage in solving real-world problems under the guidance of some of the world’s top business thinkers.  Stay tuned for Application Information!



  • Open to all Yale non-MBA graduate and professional students

  • No business background required

  • Students are expected to attend all the lectures





Please contact us at ysbs.minimba@gmail.com with any questions.


This course is not an accredited degree program nor is it affiliated with the Yale School of Management. All instructors in teaching for this course do not act in the official capacity of any academic appointment they may possess. All SOM students are welcome to attend at no cost.




Meet our YSBS team, who worked on putting together the first of our yearly Mini-MBA program.

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